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Have a TC Check your paper. Then you pick-up your Check! 

Who should use a Transaction Coordinator?

- Agents who don't have the time

- Agents who dislike doing paperwork

- Agents who are new to real estate

- Agents who are part-time

- Agents who would rather spend their time chasing deals

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Please note that the Residential Purchase and Lease Transaction File Checklists have been updated. Please do not use any older version going forward. Thank you!

Please be advised effective 3/1/19
Realty Benefit's new home is:

Realty Benefit
23201 Mill Creek Drive, Ste. 120
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We Must Have a Copy of Your License

The business office must have a copy of your license on file. This is a DRE mandatory requirement. A black & white copy will suffice. If you haven't done so already, please ensure that we receive a copy of your original or renewed license certificate as soon as possible. 

Every time you renew your license, you are required by the DRE to send us this current version showing your new expiration date and designating Realty Benefit as your broker affiliation.

Important: TDS and AVID Disclosures!

TDS is required by the DRE unless the real estate transaction is an REO, Probate or Trust sale - in such case, it will be exempt. It's the Listing Agent's responsibility to confirm exemption and ensure exempt status is indicated on all appropriate sections of the TDS. The agents and the buyer must still acknowledge and sign-off on page 3 of the TDS.

An AVID is required by Realty Benefit on every transaction. It does not matter whether the transaction is an REO, Probate, Trust or Standard sale - ALL Realty Benefit agents must complete an AVID in ALL cases. In other words, whether you are the Listing Agent or Selling Agent, you must fill out your own AVID. You must not rely on the other agent's AVID to satisfy this requirement.

Training & Education: Webinars & Face-to-Face Classes 

There are a host of webinars and face-to-face classes provided through O.C.A.R. and C.A.R. We strongly recommend that you periodically review the O.C.A.R. and C.A.R. websites to locate additional resources under the sub-category Education. You can also access many of these resources on the Agent Support website under Training & Education.

Don't Forget About C.A.R. Legal Hotline 

The C.A.R. Legal Hotline offers members the incredible benefit of receiving free confidential legal advice over the telephone on a vast array of real-estate related topics such as contract interpretation, arbitration, litigation, tax issues, commission disputes, disclosure requirements, fair housing issues, laws governing homeowners' associations, and so on. Click here and then go to the Legal Hotline Access link. C.A.R. login required.

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Broker License #01359740
Important Reminders...

1) The business office must have a valid, working e-mail address for all Agents. This is a DRE mandatory requirement, so that we can contact and supervise our salespeople. Please contact Ken at ext.10 or ken@realtybenefit.com with your update as soon as possible.

2) The business office must have your salesperson license on file. This is a DRE mandatory requirement. A black & white copy will suffice. If you haven't done so already, please ensure that we receive a copy of your original or renewed license certificate as soon as possible. 
Want another Agent to do an Open House for you?

Interested in doing an Open House for another Agent?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, please contact Ken at ext. 10 or ken@realtybenefit.com, as we keep a list of Realty Benefit Agents to help connect agents to each other who are interested in doing open houses!
Agent Referral Cash Reward

Currently, when you refer a new agent who signs up with Realty Benefit you receive $400 toward your quarterly fees -- that's an entire year for FREE! Now, you also have the option to receive a cash reward instead -- a Pre-paid VISA Card worth $150 for each referral. It's your choice. Any questions, please contact Ken for more details at ext. 10 or ken@realtybenefit.com.
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Important Info
Last Updated 3/6/19
For License Renewal Courses: Check-out Duane Gomer, Inc.

The California real estate license renewal process can be confusing at best. The DRE has specific renewal requirements for broker and salesperson licensees. Duane Gomer, Inc. can help you select the correct course materials - and offers the best real estate license courses that are both time efficient and affordable. They know the DRE requirements inside and out.

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