Submitting a Listing to MLS

Avoid MLS Violations

The two top violations typically received in this office are:

1.) Photo Upload
Under the new rules, a photo must be on the MLS listing within 5 days of the listing date. That’s the date on the listing agreement, not the date on the MLS entry. After only 48 hours, a $250 to $500 fine may follow, especially if you are still with PWR.

2.) Listing Status 
When an offer is accepted - that is, when the seller signs on the RPA or the counter offer - the MLS listing must be changed to “backup” or “pending” within 48 hours. This is also the case in a short sale. The date of acceptance is by the Seller, not the bank/lender. The bank/lender approval is merely another contingency. If you are still confused about this, please contact the business office for clarification rather than risking a fine.

Other recurring violations are putting your name, phone number, email address or open house information in the property description.

  • Note: it is now permitted to put "short sale" or "bank-owned" in the property description, but not any reference to the listing agent - not even on the For Sale sign that may show up in an uploaded photo.

Unless otherwise instructed by the Seller in writing, all Listings must be loaded on the MLS within 72 Hours. Also, you must provide the Broker with a copy of the Listing Agreement within 72 hours.

  • Note: Before taking a listing, search the MLS to determine whether or not the property is currently listed with another Broker. It is this office's policy not to take a new listing until the existing listing has expired, or been cancelled.